SEPTEMBER 2006 - $27,598

Emily Blair – Living Statues

Alexis Frederick-Frost – La Primavera

Joshua Kemble – NUMB

Jason McNamara and Tony Talbert -- First Moon

Nate Neal – The Sanctuary

Pat Palermo – Cut Flowers

Mark Price – Consider Everything in Bad Shape

March 2006 - $21,406
Joel White – Bronzeville

Gregory Corso – And How

Aron Nels Steinke – Big Plans

Toc Fetch – Kids of Lower Utopia – V6 No 1 – Of Softdoor Scout Finnagain and Daffodil Dash Eleven

Joshua Hagler– The Boy Who Made Silence

James Vining – First in Space
(Good news! Jim's book was picked up by Oni Press just before he received an acceptance letter from Xeric. He won't need the grant money now, but he's still a Xeric winner.)

All cover artwork © its respective creator/creators.