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Awarding grants to a variety of worthy, nonprofit organizations in western Massachusetts has been a highlight for Peter Laird and his family since 1992. Xeric, the family's private foundation, looks forward to continuing its philanthropic activities well into the future.

In an effort to refocus the foundation's mission and maximize the benefits for a carefully selected group of nonprofit organizations, the grant-making process is being changed.

Until further notice, the annual application process, which previously took place between January 31 and April 15 will be suspended, and the foundation will no longer invite or accept solicitations.

Instead, Xeric will proactively distribute funds to nonprofit organizations based on its own internal research, assessment of need, and in accordance with guidelines determined by the Foundation's distribution committee.

After 22 years of operating a formal grant application process, the foundation's transition to a more focused, streamlined, and cost efficient operation is expected to provide an even greater impact. It is anticipated that some of the important projects and programs that Xeric has supported over the years with awards totaling more than $3 million will continue to be funded by the foundation.

With thanks and appreciation to western Massachusetts nonprofit organizations for all that they do in support of the community!


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